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Worldwide goals


The first priority of the entire team is to offer a completely new and unique experience to every guest enjoying our individual attendance. A respectful and appreciative care, solutions that free you from stress and anxieties and a healing break from everyday life will permit you to fully enjoy your trip. In such company you will be able to develop courage and placidity, which help you to integrate the positive changes on the in- and outside and make them become clearly visible. The strengthening of your personality and the expansion of your self-esteem are important milestones for us. Initially, we will take you by the hand but during the trip we will provide you with special tools and methods to self-dependently handle your life in a relaxed way in the future. When you feel overwhelmed with a challenge we will support you and work towards solutions for understanding difficulties as challenges that can be met.


Counselling, mental training, dream journeys and coaching can all become part of your trip if needed. Anxieties, depressions and panic attacks have a cause, are learnt and can therefore also be unlearned again. We will be your companions during the trip, supporting you in going your way with joy and courage. The acquired life quality manifests in the in- and outside and will help you to experience the challenges in life as an inspiration. Look forward to new and gainful encounters.

The team does not offer sexual favors.


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