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We stand by your side

Ihre Auszeit

During the course of our lives, all of us get into situations in which we are not willing or not able to be alone and should not be, either.

Usually, this is a temporary condition, which is more easily overcome when we are attended by a respectful and appreciative person.

Such short-term support by an outsider can be an enrichment that must not be underestimated. It gives courage, strength and a new lease of life, contributing to the ability to tackle and solve problems in an energetic and fruitful manner.

Some constraints or disabilities might not be discernible at first sight but they reduce the quality of life and hinder personal development, occasionally impeding social contacts, the ease of mind and vitality in facing everyday life.

This can be a matter of emotional lability after a blow of fate, restarting into a completely unfamiliar phase of life, fear of flying, a state of exhaustion or isolation or other circumstances that affect you in a negative and energy-sapping way.


We are offering to accompany you with sensitivity and and ease, enabling you to become and remain your own personal attendant, the best you can have.

You will need to drum up the courage to step forward and contact us, the first step towards an affirmative action to change your life for the better.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step -

Your journey starts right here!


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